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Narrow street with traditional white hou

Capital of the Tunisian Sahel

Known as the "pearl of the Sahel"

Sousse is a port city in eastern Tunisia, located 143 kilometers south of Tunis and open on the Gulf of Hammamet 

- Mediterranean Sea -

The city of Sousse has become a destination of choice for tourists due to the richness of its cultural heritage, besides its seaside resort.

The medina of Sousse is classified in World heritage of Unesco since 1988.

The ramparts, flanked by square or barlong towers, unfold all around the medina.

From abroad, you can reach Sousse


by plane:

Monastir Habib-Bourguiba International Airport, Enfidha International Airport and Tunis-Carthage International Airport


by ferry and boat:

from the major French port cities of Toulon or Marseille via Tunis, and directly from those of Italy such as Trapani or Pantelleria.

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